Facebook Mobile Hack Seoul 2012 ( English Version )

Facebook Mobile Hack is world-wide event for Facebook Platform developers for iOS/android/web.  Facebook developer teams host the lecture, Q/A session and the Hack.

As soon as the announcement of Facebook Mobile Hack Seoul comes up, many Korean developers ( including me ) registered. Although registration of this program requires some bucks, it was sold out within several hours. Some of my colleagues desperately wanted to register and envy me.

< Venue : 63-building which is still the highest building in South Korea. >

I met many developers personally. Unlike other conference, they are very many developers from startup. (Only few of them are from Samsung or LG ) I can feel the passion from them. They were very open-minded. I kind of enjoying to talk with those guys.

<Inside the Jupiter room. This session was lectured by Marcos Lara >

The lecture was quite helpful for me, because I have little knowledge about Facebook platform. Especially, I thought Open Graph was nothing, but now I got that it is quite meaningful. I feel the recent changes – Timeline and Open Graph – of Facebook are highly related to each other.

The lecture held by Wei Zhu was wonderful. In his lecture about Facebook iOS SDK, he used SourceTree. Showing the diff status of code improves my understanding of SDK. It was really easy for me to identify which code was inserted and removed. I really appreciated for his thoughtfulness.

Since all the lecture were code-driven and demo-driven, I believe that many developers can get the bottom-line.

Creating a Facebook group for this event was quite clever! During the session, many developers can ask and answer each other.

Another funny thing is that there were lots of MacBook around here. Mac is rare in South Korea. Even most Korean developers still use IBM laptop, but I think it’s not true for those who loves Facebook.

<100% MacBook is this side. Amazing!! >

Another cool thing in this event was FOOD. It was buffet with many foods. I felt like fully treated in this meal.

All the guys from the Facebook are eager to talk with us. I talked with Wei Zhu, Stephen Chun, Matt Kelly and many other guys. Matt told me about Facebook HQ culture. He said that Mark Zuckerberg host Q/A meeting every Friday and he answers any questions from employees. Don’t you think that is fantastic?  Stephen Chun told me that he just moves to Korea from Singapore to work in Facebook Korea.


There were really many teams ( I heard that Seoul is #1 in terms of number of teams. ) for the Hack. I guess it’s about 40 teams. Why so many teams ?? I guess that’s because Korean developers are very shy. They are reluctant to talk to strangers. As you guys know, teaming up requires breaking ice with total strangers.

Although there are quite many teams, the Hack presentations were in good hand. I mean the time constraints was strict. Thus, we do not have to waste our time, setting alarm was smart! Thank you. James Pearce!

After the program, I got the Facebook T-shirt, but it was a little disappointing. That’s because I was expecting T-shirt with big Facebook Logo on it ( not HACK … ). Anyway, I felt so good since I added one more geeky T-shirt in my collections.

<Facebook Mobile Hack T-shirt >

Overall, it was fantastic event for developers. I will be looking forward to attend 2013 Facebook Mobile Hack Seoul.

<Facebook Teams: Thank you for this great event >

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